A Refuge for Rosanna!

Recently, I got the opportunity to interview regency author Susan Karsten who has a new book out, A Refuge for Rosanna. It was a great read and I highly recommend it. Here’s the interview.

I became a writer of Regency fiction long after I became an avid reader of Regency romance fiction.  I love the genre because of its usually gentle and intelligent nature. The language, social mores, historical events, and fashions are also aspects that appeal to me.

When I am working on a book, writing time is constrained or shaped by my other responsibilities, so I have to be flexible. I am not one to stay up until all hours just to squeeze in word count.  Ideally, however, I like to write in the mornings, after getting a few household matters taken care of (like putting a load of laundry in the machine). The place I write is at a desk in my home’s formal living room.

The many Regency novels I have read certainly give me a lot of inspiration due to the fact that when I sit down to write my own Regency romance fiction, the words flow. I guess you could say I am steeped in the genre.  I have used snippets of real life romances to add details to the love stories of my characters

The third book in the Honors Point Series, An Escape for Ellie,  is waiting in the wings. Since there’s such a lot of time from completing a book to the day it’s published and out in the world, I have explored some other genres with my writing in the meantime.

I do not have a regular day job, but I have worked several part time and temporary jobs since my children have launched.

I started writing about 8 or 9 years ago and my friends have been super excited about it. The readers among them are fascinated by the whole process of writing a book, and they ask a lot of good questions.  Some of my friends make jokes about me becoming rich and famous, and I just try to bring them down to earth. That tells me that they have a high opinion of writers and writing, even though the reality is much more work and rejection, mixed in with small successes.

According to one of my recent reader reviews, you might not be able to put it down!  But overall, my readers like historical romance and historical fiction. Reading one of my Regency romances is like stepping into the past, and having a whole story world come alive on the pages. You’ll be rooting for the hero and heroine to make it to love’s altar. You’ll cringe when the badmen appear to be about to win. You’ll swoon with the intensity of leashed passion. Basically, you’ll read my books because you love a good story

Readers might get a chuckle to know that my son had to correct my fight scenes. “Mom, nobleman would never hit from behind or punch someone in the stomach, they’d only go for the face and head!” I had to be instructed also that the hero in my first book was crying too much (he was recovering from a beating and out of his head, but I took out the tears).

As you read my novels, you’ll notice that some of my characters are people of Christian faith, but don’t worry, the stories are fun, and full of life and good humor.


Susan Karsten lives in a small Wisconsin town, is the wife of a real estate broker, mother of three (two married, one engaged), and grandmother of three. Her hobbies include fitness, quilting, and reading.

Her interest in writing developed while in college where she earned a BS degree in Home Economics (Apparel Design & Manufacturing), with a minor in Speech.

With child-rearing days at an end, Susan now invests time in fiction writing. With four contracted Regency historical romances, a humorous chapter book, and a cozy mystery complete, she is working on an Amish Romance with a twist.

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/puresparklingromance

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I'm the author of two published books under Daisy Jerico: The Love Thief and Sparks Fly, and three published as Dixie Jo Jarchow. I’ve proofread for the Surgeon General’s office, a physics textbook and a terra cotta textbook. My passion is to write and help others write. Write on! And have a normal life with GDP.

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