WEP Freedom Morning FCA Dixie Jo Jarchow

The nineteen men crowded into the jail cell, accused of killing a white police chief, David Hennessey. They stood shoulder to shoulder without enough room to sit or sleep and had stood all night. They acted with dignity as if a night in jail was nothing to them but Gaspare could smell the acid fear.Continue reading “WEP Freedom Morning FCA Dixie Jo Jarchow”

The Kiss WEP 992 words FCA by Dixie Jarchow

The storm scoured him with shards of ice and his eyes were frozen shut or were they frozen open? He clung to the side of Mt. Everest like a gnat on an uncaring grey elephant and wondered what his sister Jen was doing. Did she realize he was stuck in the Death Zone, the areaContinue reading “The Kiss WEP 992 words FCA by Dixie Jarchow”

The New Year and You

January 2021 What a year, right? What was your biggest challenge this year? I got an autoimmune disease. Incurable but manageable with a terrifying regime of drugs. We lost two dogs and gained a puppy. I lost my job and got a really bad haircut. How about you? Are you doing any goals? Here areContinue reading “The New Year and You”

TweetDelete review

I recently used the free version of TweetDelete. I tweet a lot of liberal trash talk, mostly as a lurker but I retweet with a vengeance! I have five traditionally published books and my editor requires that I tweet as part of my writer’s platform. It never bothered me to have my sweet romance tweetsContinue reading “TweetDelete review”

Antique vase 537 words FCA

Fine dust rose from the wooden box as Daryl opened it. He unwrapped the shreds of heavy cloth from around the object. It was a tall, slender vase, packed well, much better than the usual junk he and his step brother, Mark bought sight unseen from storage compartments. Buying the storage containers became the onlyContinue reading “Antique vase 537 words FCA”

WEP 1000 words FCA. Footprints

When the first ones crawled out of the bog, they looked more like miniature lizards than dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. No one was sure what was the catalyst that pushed all the microbes together and gave them life but they were cute and made you laugh with their antics, like colorful chickens. Conservative media madeContinue reading “WEP 1000 words FCA. Footprints”

WEP Horrible Harvest. 999 words FCA by Dixie Jo Jarchow

Timothy scratched at the deep, loose soil of Nyulos with the toe of his dusty boot. The pale blue soil floated for a moment in the light gravity and then settled down into a perfectly flat profile.  The blue gray soil stretched as far as he could see, punctuated by short, waving copses of darkerContinue reading “WEP Horrible Harvest. 999 words FCA by Dixie Jo Jarchow”