An interview with Christine Schimpf

If you could change anything in your last book what would it be? The timing and submission process. Since I independently published my first two books I didn’t have a clue how long the traditional publishing process would actually take. Now, I have a complete and thorough understanding and can time my submissions more appropriately.Continue reading “An interview with Christine Schimpf”

Never can say goodbye….

Ah, the Jackson 5 song says it all.  I’m done with my newest novel, tentatively titled, “This Worthy Heart,” and I can’t let it go. Just cannot, cannot cannot send it to my editor. One more read through, one more edit. And now that I’m re-reading Donald Maass’ Writing the Breakout Novel, I have aContinue reading “Never can say goodbye….”

Maas the Man

Reading or re-reading Writing the Breakout Novel is so enlightening after hitting my third published novel. I know I read this a ton of years ago, but I’m seeing new things even in the introduction. For example, in the foreward, for goodnss sake, Donald Maas says he took an informal survey of how readers choseContinue reading “Maas the Man”

Jerome Buting at Lakefly Writers Conference

On Saturday morning, Jerome Buting, ex-attorney for Steve Attorney, will talk about Jerome Buting writing his book, Illusion of Justice: Inside Making a Murderer and America’s Broken System. A first-time author, Buting said “I wish I had come to this event last year. I would have learned a great deal!” Buting will share the challengesContinue reading “Jerome Buting at Lakefly Writers Conference”