Never can say goodbye….

Ah, the Jackson 5 song says it all.  I’m done with my newest novel, tentatively titled, “This Worthy Heart,” and I can’t let it go. Just cannot, cannot cannot send it to my editor. One more read through, one more edit. And now that I’m re-reading Donald Maass’ Writing the Breakout Novel, I have aContinue reading “Never can say goodbye….”

Maas the Man

Reading or re-reading Writing the Breakout Novel is so enlightening after hitting my third published novel. I know I read this a ton of years ago, but I’m seeing new things even in the introduction. For example, in the foreward, for goodnss sake, Donald Maas says he took an informal survey of how readers choseContinue reading “Maas the Man”

The Surprises of a Novel

Writing the first draft of a novel is like opening the door to someone’s oven to smell fresh baking cookies and not knowing what type they are until the aroma unfolds and touches the sensitive neurons in your brain and makes that electric connection. For a novel, the questions are more interesting: Who will liveContinue reading “The Surprises of a Novel”

Desperation preceding the Storm

Does anyone feel the desperation in the week preceding Nanowrimo? I do. I’m editing for the God-Who-Knows-How-Many-Times my Body of Fear novel.  I hope to work with the amazing and talented Jill Swenson @SwenBooks so there’s some stress there, hoping I’m good enough to even grovel at her feet. If not, maybe she can takeContinue reading “Desperation preceding the Storm”