A Refuge for Rosanna!

Recently, I got the opportunity to interview regency author Susan Karsten who has a new book out, A Refuge for Rosanna. It was a great read and I highly recommend it. Here’s the interview. I became a writer of Regency fiction long after I became an avid reader of Regency romance fiction.  I love theContinue reading “A Refuge for Rosanna!”

The Caged Bird full critique WEP 999 words

by Dixie Jo Jarchow Kayla walked to the corner store and bought him cigarettes. She winced as she inhaled too deeply. He’d really kicked her hard last night. He’d brought over one of his friends and they’d been partying. Kayla still had a booming headache from it. Then, his friend tried to kiss her. She’dContinue reading “The Caged Bird full critique WEP 999 words”

The Jewel Box by D. Jarchow Full Critique

There once was a sultan who ruled a prosperous happy land. His people’s fields flourished and he felt it was time to take a wife. Or two. The first wife he chose because she was the best cook in the kingdom. “I must have my comforts,” he declared. And Cook Wife, whipped up a gloriousContinue reading “The Jewel Box by D. Jarchow Full Critique”

WEP February challenge: 28 days

Full critique By Dixie Jo Jarchow “Hey what’s this?” Jeva grabbed a piece of glistening dark green leaf from the platter and popped it into his mouth. The crunch was satisfying. “Kale. I baked it with olive oil and garlic. Isn’t it delish?” Marinta dimpled. “I had a taste for it” “It’s great. I can’tContinue reading “WEP February challenge: 28 days”

WEP Ribbons and Candles full critique

WEP contest Dixie Jo Jarchow FC. Full critique 983 words “Your offer is appreciated, Ryan. We admire your resolve to make a difference but we have selected other candidates to be featured in the Ribbons For Cancer calendar.” Ryan tossed the letter across the table to his mother. “I guess I don’t have that “cute”Continue reading “WEP Ribbons and Candles full critique”

Anita Klumpers Has a New book Out!

Dinah loves Christmas. She loves history, the old Wagner House, and the elderly women working to preserve its heritage. She loves almost everything except Mick Wagner, her childhood nemesis. But if they want to save the Wagner House and solve a mystery that’s been hiding in the attic for almost eighty years, they’ll have toContinue reading “Anita Klumpers Has a New book Out!”

WEP October Contest Theme “Voodoo” any feedback welcome!

Chickens don’t do it for me. By Dixie Jo Jarchow One after another, through the dark swamp, the few of the faithful slid into his hut like shadows passing the bright moon. Could the Hougan help her son? Could the Hougan ease the pain? Should they move or stay, Hougan? His once bright golden eyes,Continue reading “WEP October Contest Theme “Voodoo” any feedback welcome!”

Change of Heart for WEP August Challenge

The sound was unmistakable. Even though Tali never heard a car hit a person before, she knew what it was. She turned as one small gym shoe, white as a sunflower seed, arced into the air. The tiny, boneless body windmilled after the shoe. The child had been behind her in the crosswalk. It couldContinue reading “Change of Heart for WEP August Challenge”