Nanowrimo Looms!

Nanowrimo month looms! Join 350,000 of your new best friends in writing a novel in a month.  It’s a blast! Silence your inner editor and join me in writing your butt off for a month, 30 days, 1667 words a day. Screw Thanksgiving; you’ll be busy. My handle is Edix and I’m the Municipal Liaison forContinue reading “Nanowrimo Looms!”

Gearing up for Nanowrimo 2015

Thinking about nano is always such a terror ridden puke in your mouth event.  I never know what to write, which is really, really bad as I am the Municipal Liaison for the Fox Cities and a darned crappy one, if I say so myself.  I go to a bunch (alright a few) kickoffs andContinue reading “Gearing up for Nanowrimo 2015”