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Minimalist Living: When a Lot Less is a Lot MoreA lot of us have become addicted to the instant gratification that comes with material things. No matter how much you have, it never feels like enough. This is because you’re trying to fill an emotional void with a tangible thing.
We’re forgetting how to savor life’s pleasures. Let’s slow down, live in the present, and savor every positive experience for a longer-lasting smile.
There’s no point owning more than you already have. Let go and free yourself from the constant comparing of your stuff to others. If you can do that, you won’t be bound to the incessant pursuit of more money and more stuff. 
I have found contentment in the things that I own. I have discovered more room for generosity. And I have begun to bend my pursuits towards things that matter.
Less stuff = Less clutter = Less stress.

Finishing feels so good

I finally finished Hades which has been a project for almost two years. I can write them ok but the editing sucks the life from me.  Vampire editing. Hmmm there’s an idea.   So the next novel up for editing is Stiletto, my spy romance novel.  I’m very fond of it.  Hades is the disfigured friar who was an elite army forward scout who has to call on his tracking expertise to expose a killer in the tiny town of Fell, WI. After that is As Good as it Gets, my Serval cat treasure hunt adventure novel.

What are you working on?closeup-serval-web620

Daily Writing Goals

I joined up to receive daily writing nudges just to see how it works. I chose 300 words a day instead of 500 because I wanted my own IEP : something that totally set me up for success. Editing counts too. If I edit for an hour, I am still fulfilling my goals. I have about 9 novels waiting to be ripped apart and two published, so there you have it: editing totally counts.

Have any tricks for writing every day?