The New Year and You

January 2021 What a year, right? What was your biggest challenge this year? I got an autoimmune disease. Incurable but manageable with a terrifying regime of drugs. We lost two dogs and gained a puppy. I lost my job and got a really bad haircut. How about you? Are you doing any goals? Here areContinue reading “The New Year and You”

TweetDelete review

I recently used the free version of TweetDelete. I tweet a lot of liberal trash talk, mostly as a lurker but I retweet with a vengeance! I have five traditionally published books and my editor requires that I tweet as part of my writer’s platform. It never bothered me to have my sweet romance tweetsContinue reading “TweetDelete review”

The Surprises of a Novel

Writing the first draft of a novel is like opening the door to someone’s oven to smell fresh baking cookies and not knowing what type they are until the aroma unfolds and touches the sensitive neurons in your brain and makes that electric connection. For a novel, the questions are more interesting: Who will liveContinue reading “The Surprises of a Novel”

Gearing up for Nanowrimo 2015

Thinking about nano is always such a terror ridden puke in your mouth event.  I never know what to write, which is really, really bad as I am the Municipal Liaison for the Fox Cities and a darned crappy one, if I say so myself.  I go to a bunch (alright a few) kickoffs andContinue reading “Gearing up for Nanowrimo 2015”