Part 2 Your tagline

I read about this as I was working on a tagline for my upcoming release, working title, “The Christmas List.”  A tagline for a novel is a 10-15 word phrase that gives an emotional snapshot of your novel. An Author Tagline is different. It encompasses the type of novels you create so readers can quickly see what you’re about. Here’s one of the places I looked at for research:

It’s all about sticking in someone’s brain long enough for them to click the “BUY” button.

How to find your tagline as an author? Pick 2-5 words that you want readers to associate with your message. I write clean romance that’s light-hearted, occasionally all out funny. 

“Sweet romance that makes you smile”.  

I’ll try that for a while. It will go on my new cards, my new website (soon, master, soon) and wherever else I can stick that puppy.  I showed you mine, now you show me your tagline.

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I'm the author of two published books under Daisy Jerico: The Love Thief and Sparks Fly, and three published as Dixie Jo Jarchow. I’ve proofread for the Surgeon General’s office, a physics textbook and a terra cotta textbook. My passion is to write and help others write. Write on! And have a normal life with GDP.

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