The New Year and You

January 2021

What a year, right? What was your biggest challenge this year? I got an autoimmune disease. Incurable but manageable with a terrifying regime of drugs. We lost two dogs and gained a puppy. I lost my job and got a really bad haircut. How about you?

Are you doing any goals? Here are mine:

  1. Write a blog post each month
  2. Finish Cat’s Paw novel this year and publish
  3. Eat healthier, whatever that entails
  4. Continue to write to my peeps every day to keep connected
  5. Pay off our last debt: the car, except for the mortgage.
  6. Declutter the rest of the house to have a calm space

So here are some suggestions:

  1. About your health
  2. About your debt
  3. About your writing
  4. About your relationships

Let me know what you’re thinking. If you need accountability in writing, I would do that. It’s easier to bug someone else than get some words down. 

Post yours in the Reply if you want some accountability. Hide and hunker down if only you know your goals.

Published by dixiejarchow

I'm the author of two published books under Daisy Jerico: The Love Thief and Sparks Fly, and three published as Dixie Jo Jarchow. I’ve proofread for the Surgeon General’s office, a physics textbook and a terra cotta textbook. My passion is to write and help others write. Write on! And have a normal life with GDP.

2 thoughts on “The New Year and You

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve had health challenges, Dixie. We’ve missed you at WEP and now I see why. If in the future you can fit us into your writing schedule, that’d be awesome. All the best for finishing/publishing Cat’s Paw.

    Happy New Year!


    1. Yes, I’m slugging it out with this stupid autoimmune and chronic fatigue. On a positive note, I am working on several projects: a graphic organizer guide to writing, the ever present Cat’s Paw, an idea I am fleshing out from a prompt and a children’s book. AND a new puppy to keep my spirits up. I’ll be back on wep this year. WRiting keeps me going some days! Thanks for noticing I was gone!


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